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CompassionateTogether™ Coaching

Based in Pittsburgh, PA but serving nationally and internationally, we provide coaching programs for individuals, couples, families, and businesses interested in learning and implementing strategies and tools for living, loving, and/or working authentically, compassionately, and effectively!

We provide

  • individual, couples, and family coaching programs,

  • coaching and education to businesses and institutions, and

  • coaching to helping professionals.

Some Common Areas of Focus:

  • Giving to oneself in service to others:  being “self”-ish
  • Living in an economy of abundance vs. scarcity
  • How to stay present
  • How to influence others
  • Differences in people and how to manage them
  • Developing tools for better interpersonal effectiveness
  • How to and how not to promote connection


  • How to be trustworthy and how to earn trust
  • How to be a person who feels free in the world
  • Tools for emotional regulation and distress tolerance
  • Trauma and how it affects everyone
  • Practice everyday mindfulness and meditation
  • Learning  keys to responding vs. reacting
  • Anxiety and depression in the workplace


  • How to “engage in the struggle” in relationships
  • How to choose to love and nurture “in love”
  • Learn how to listen, reflect, and ask

    questions effectively

  • Judgment, shame, blame and feeling “other”
  • Turtles and Bears:  2 types of people and why that’s important
  • Responsibility to vs. responsibility for
  • Control issues and fear


Understanding yourself and others with feeling–“getting it”

which means

Increased happiness, joy, optimism, wisdom, curiosity, agreeableness, grace, confidence, and extroversion

and less

judgment of yourself and others



Pain Points We Address

We coach individuals and couples with:

  • shame, blame, and low self-esteem,
  • feeling better or worse than others,
  • feeling disconnected and lonely,
  • comparing your insides to everyone else’s outsides, and
  • shame or dissatisfaction in relationships or with your relationship status.

We address the follow problems for coaches and therapists:

  • unfulfilling work,
  • inadequate training to deal with couples, and
  • compassion fatigue.


We address the following problems for businesses:

  • managing conflict and difference,
  • educational gaps in understanding people,
  • managing changes in workforce and workplace,
  • personality differences,
  • bad vibes among the tribe(s), and
  • desire for more compassion and understanding


We address the following problems for institutions of education and training:

  • managing differences,
  • letting oneself and others be a person,
  • need for kindness,
  • need for mindfulness and intentions,
  • need for increased understanding with feeling, or compassion

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