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This letter was my first Compassionate Together Letter after opening my new business! The design is something I really love.  The first picture has 4 elements:  mindfulness, a heart-shaped delicious green tea latte (yum!!), a zen water fountain, and an image of 2 women’s feet with the saying, “Passion Led Us.”

(Indeed, passion has led me.  I will create a blog post that discusses my journey and how I got here.)

The letter has 2 quotes with hand-selected pics:

  1. And suddenly you know:  It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.
  2. Having compassion is to have authentic care and concern accompanied by the desire to alleviate suffering.

The main piece of the July Letter is an explanation of why the question “Why?” can be so problematic interpersonally.

And then finally, there’s a blurb about my new book in development, Turtles & Bears:  How Couples Can Be Compassionate Together.

This book is what started this venture back in February 2018.  During a 3-night stay at Staybridge Suites in Warrendale, PA, I wrote a book that has been in my head for years.  (They are so lovely that they deserve the shout-out!)

My nickname has been Turtle since I met my wife almost 20 years ago.  During the course of working with individuals and couples in counseling, I began to notice that there was (almost) always a Turtle in the relationship partnered with a Bear.  I knew in my mind what I meant by Turtle and Bear:  I just needed to help others get it too!

The other uncanny dynamic that always occurred was a person that believed “I’m not good enough” paired with a person that believed “I don’t matter.” These 2 dynamics have a way of creating a cycle of disconnection and misunderstanding.

These 2 opposites-attracting-phenomena are the basis for my book.  This book became what was to be the first Compassionate Together project.  Since February, I have been educating myself on the publishing world, learning what other professionals have been doing while I’ve been doing therapy and coaching for 14 years, and putting myself out in social media after being relatively anonymous for that same period of time.

I’m having a great time! Come check out all my media! You can click the links on this site and they will take you to my home base @thelovingchoice.  Remember:  Being compassionate together is always the loving  choice!

So that’s the backstory for July’s Letter!

Read on to move into August!



PS The book isn’t out yet but September’s Letter has more info.